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Sirvus Design Studios is owned and operated by Jeffrey Hatch. With over 20 years of design and development experience, Jeff has always been an entrepreneur and leads a core team of talented individuals that have high ethics, proven skills, and a desire to produce quality work within a given budget and on time.

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Posted in: Projects, Websites by Sirvus Design Studios on April 16, 2009


The project was to build the site using exacting design specifications and graphic standards. The design mirrors a gallery-like appearance so Ann’s paintings remain the main emphasis. This site design was created by Ann Rea, Inc.© and executed in code by Sirvus Design Studios.

Clean lines, layout and best use of negative space were also incorporated. Unobtrusive effects such as images fades, image rollovers, window-shade effects on click, and rotating text quotes were used to enhance the site’s appeal.

  • Integration of Shopping Cart application
  • Strict adherence to existing Design Standards
  • Friendly URLs for navigation and products
  • JavaScript: animated image replacements, window-shade effects and rotating quotes
“I’m really looking forward to working with Jeff and having someone I can count for web design and maintenance services. I really, really appreciate your prompt response on this last issue.”

Ann Rea – The California Painter

Project online at: